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Our activities

Svenska kraftnät (Swedish national grid) is a state-owned public utility that has many different areas of work. One of Svenska kraftnät’s important tasks is to transmit electricity from the major power stations to regional electrical grids, via the national electrical grid.

In our control room, we monitor the national electrical grids and ensure that there is always a balance between consumption and production in Sweden. Our work contributes to ensuring an electricity market where the players can purchase electricity in free competition.

We are the government authority responsible for electricity
preparedness and we work to reinforce the country’s electricity supply system to ensure it is able to withstand critical situations. We also coordinate the country’s dam safety.

Charged by the state

Svenska kraftnät was established in 1992 and is a state-owned public utility. Our work is financed by the fees that regional grids and major electricity producers, such as operators of nuclear power stations, pay to Svenska kraftnät for use of the national grid. The Swedish government has stipulated our guiding principles, and every year the government specifies special tasks for Svenska kraftnät for the coming year. Parliament sets up the framework for Svenska kraftnät’s investment and financing activities.

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