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About the website

This page contains information about the website.

Structure and content

The navigation menu mainly contains of four levels. The main menu lies horizontally at the top of the page. Underneath is the next menu level, which also lies in a horizontal line. The two following menu levels are at the left on the page.


Svenska kraftnät strives to have a website as accessible as possible, so that it for example should not matter which web browser you use or whether you are using a screen reader.

If you want to enlarge the text on the website you can zoom in by clicking the Ctrl key and the Plus key (+) simultaneously. This works for most modern web browsers.


This website uses cookies. Information about these is found under the menu "Cookies".

Link to us

It is alright to link to us if you would like. However, note that since the structure is not static, links to pages other than homepage can break when we make changes.

Questions and comments

If you have any questions or comments about the website please feel free to contact the web manager.


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