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Svenska kraftnät's business operations create certain inevitable environmental effects. However, our aim is that these effects are as minimal as possible.

Local environment can be affected

The local environment is affected by the location and design of power lines and stations. Ground included in plantation, forestry and recreation areas can be utilised. In built-up areas, the local environment can be affected by the impact on the landscape, exposure to electromagnetic fields and noise disruption.

Extensive work has been done to create environmental impact assessments for our projects and by carrying out consultations. We are also working to adapt the management of the power line corridors to promote natural values and biological diversity.

Reducing emissions

Our plants contain many different materials and substances – some of these are harmful to the environment. We are actively working to reduce emissions of the harmful substances used in our operations. For example, we take annual measures to minimise emissions of the greenhouse gas sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) from circuit-breakers and gas-insulated switchyards.

Consider the global environment

However, Svenska kraftnät’s environmental responsibility does not just cover the direct environmental effects from its operations. The responsibility also entails taking the global environment into consideration when designing the Swedish national grid, for example to facilitate the expansion of renewable energy generation in the country.

Another global environmental aspect is the energy losses from the electricity network. One of the factors that determine the size of the losses is the technical design of the plants. Measures taken during operation of the national grid can also reduce losses.

Environmental requirements for procurement

We have conducted long-term environmental work for several years, where goals, procedures and follow-ups lead to continuous environmental improvements. We place environmental requirements on all procurement of construction and maintenance contracts. To ensure that these requirements are followed we conduct follow-upswith the help of environmental audits.

Every year the Swedish National Environmental Protection Agency follow-up the state authorities’ environmental management work. In the last two years Svenska kraftnät has received a high grade. In spring 2009, we also were awarded The Swedish Environmental Management Council's annual prize for Excellent Green Purchaser.

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