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The South West Link

The South West Link aims to reinforce the AC (Alternating Current) network, increase operational reliability and deal with limitations in transmission capacity to southern Sweden.

The South West link is an important part in the necessary development of the national grid, required to enable the production of renewable energy as planned in accordance with Sweden’s and the EU’s energy policy objectives. The connection contributes in limiting the differences in electricity prices that can occur between different electricity areas in Sweden.

The South West Link consists partly of a new AC (Alternating Current) link between Barkeryd and Hallsberg, and partly of a DC (Direct Current) link between Barkeryd and Skåne. Both branches are estimated to be completed in beginning of 2015.

If you have any queries, please contact our communication officers, Elin Drugge, +46 (0)10 475 80 54 and Henrik Hägglund, +46 (0)10 475 83 91.



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