Bild på hjälmar vid arbetsplats. Text i bild: Health & Safety Summit 2021.

Health & Safety Summit 2021

Varje år vecka 43 i samband med den europeiska arbetsmiljöveckan, arrangerar Svenska kraftnät ett leverantörsmöte för personer på ledande befattning inom energibranschen. Syftet är att skapa engagemang, eftertanke och delaktighet kring hållbarhet- och säkerhetsfrågor och tillsammans med våra leverantörer verka för en bra fysisk, organisatorisk och social arbetsmiljö.

Konferensen är precis som förra året helt digital. Nyhet för i år är att mötet hålls helt på engelska. Därför är information på denna sida på engelska.

Årets Health & Safety Summit 2021 modereras av hållbarhetsexperten Malin Thorsén, och inleder gör Svenska kraftnäts nytillträdda hållbarhetschef Maria Säfström.

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When: Wednesday October 27, 1.00 PM-3.35 PM

Where: Digitally, link for access will be send to all registered participants one day before the conference.

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In the last week of October each year, in connection with the European Work Environment Week, Svenska kraftnät organises a supplier meeting for executives in the energy industry. The purpose is to create involvement, reflection and participation in sustainability and safety issues and to work with our suppliers toward a good physical, organisational and social work environment.

With Health & Safety Summit 2021, Svenska kraftnät invites you to a (digital) day of discussion and dialogue about the future and opportunities for the Energy Sector – from a Client and Contractors perspective.


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1.00 PM-1.15 PM – INTRO

Welcome to the 2021 Health & Safety Summit

Sustainability expert and moderator Malin Thorsén and Maria Säfström, Svenska kraftnät's newly appointed Head of Sustainability, will welcome us to the 2021 Health & Safety Summit.


  • Malin Thorsén, Sustainability Expert, Bright Planet and moderator of the 2021 Health & Safety Summit
  • Maria Säfström, Head of Sustainability, Svenska kraftnät

1.15 PM-1.55 - Electrical Safety

The journey to electrical safety – a training issue?

Electrical safety is complex and hugely important. Shortcomings in knowledge can put lives in danger. And yet, the levels of electrical safety competence and training vary in the energy industry, amongst customers and suppliers alike. It is a must for all industry players to be aware of and comply with rules and procedures when fulfilling our responsibility for Sweden's electricity. How can we fill the industry's knowledge gaps in the area of electrical safety?  How do industry players themselves view their responsibility?


  • Edward Friman, Electrical Safety Specialist, Svenska kraftnät
  • Jimmy Laukas, incoming Chairman of the HSEQ Committee, Swedenergy

1.55 PM-2:05 PM – BREAK

2:05 PM-2.45 PM – Safety culture BREAK OUT SESSIONS

How we bring about a safety culture – competence, resources and innovation

How are health, environment, safety and quality realised in real life? This is the topic of discussion in three parallel break out sessions. Choose the track that suits you best based on your profession and role.

  • Session A: Procurement, purchasing phase & preparing requirements
    (Language: English)

    In order to make workplaces safe and efficient, it is necessary to set sustainable requirements. However, there is a risk that requirements set in procurement processes, purchasing and execution are ineffective if not adequately implemented. How can we define requirements in such a way as to lay the groundwork for real, safe workplaces? And how well does the industry generally do in this area?

    Moderator: Karin Edin, Head of Substation Procurement, Svenska kraftnät
    Expert: Teresa Norling; HSEQ Coordinator, Svenska kraftnät

  • Session B: Methodology & Follow-up
    (Language: English) 

    Strict requirements on reporting faults, accidents and near misses. Inspections and briefings – for whose sake do we actually follow up our HSEQ efforts? Is there a risk that certain methods are only viewed as a difficult bureaucratic burden? How can those of us in individual projects and in the industry be better at sharing our experiences?

    Moderator: Johan Ulleryd, NordSyd Programme Head, Svenska kraftnät
    Expert: Erica Midfjäll, HSEQ Coordinator, Svenska kraftnät

  • Session C: How can we minimise the risk of electrical safety accidents as a part of induction training?
    (Language: Swedish)

    Induction needs to be approached as a tangible electrical safety risk. All work in the vicinity of switchgears and power lines must take it into consideration when planning and conducting work. How can we facilitate risk-managing induction, in practice and in theory?

    In this session, we will take a deep-dive into what is known about induction with Svenska kraftnät's experts in the area.

    Moderator: Willy Lund, Electrical Safety Specialist, Svenska kraftnät
    Expert: Edward Friman, Electrical Safety Specialist, Svenska kraftnät

2.45 PM-3:00 PM – BREAK

3:00 PM-3:25 PM – Safety culture: Panel

Does culture eat strategy for breakfast?

Can a negative culture consume a good strategy? The expression, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast" is relatively well-known. Being too focused on strategy can have a negative impact on culture, just as a negative culture can eat up a good strategy. Is this also true of strategic sustainability efforts to create a good safety culture in the energy and electricity industry? What lessons can we learn from other industries?


  • Jasmina Insanic, EHS Coordinator, Ellevio
  • Per Eckemark, Grid Division Head, Svenska kraftnät
  • Karin Larsson, Health & Safety Manager, Ox2

3:25 PM- 3.35 PM – Closing remarks

Closing reflections

Health and safety are substantial issues. We hope that the 2021 Health & Safety Summit has left you with new thoughts and insights that will help improve our sustainability efforts. Svenska kraftnät's Director General Lotta Medelius-Bredhe will wrap the day up with moderator Malin Thorsén.

Speaker: Lotta Medelius-Bredhe, Director General, Svenska kraftnät