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Procurement of automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve (aFRR) in Q3/2018

The Nordic TSOs have decided to continue with procurement of a total volume up to 300 MW during weekdays (Monday to Friday) in Q3/2018 (July-September). The basis for the procurement is the targeted frequency quality level and the TSOs will continue to procure aFRR in the morning and evening hours where the frequency variations are most challenging. An evaluation will be done for each quarter of the year.

Common solutions are vital in the Future Nordic Power System

The power system will experience major changes due to climate policies, technological development and new regulatory frameworks. Today the Nordic TSOs present a report on common solutions for the future Nordic power system.

Nordic balancing moves forward

The work on a future Nordic balancing model continues forward and all five Nordic Transmission System Operators (TSOs) have agreed to a Memorandum of understanding. This paves the way towards the future balancing of the Nordic power system, including the introduction of modernized Area Control Error (ACE) as the balancing method. The aim of the TSOs is to have one common Nordic Load-Frequency (LFC) block, consisting of 11 LFC areas corresponding to the current bidding zones.

Small adjustments to balance responsible parties’ fees

On September 28th, Svenska kraftnät's board decided on small adjustments to the level of the fees collected from balance responsible parties as set out in appendix 6 of the Balance Responsibility Agreement.