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Nordic common project for review of primary reserve requirements – finalized phase 1

In the end of 2014, the Nordic TSOs launched the common FCP project ('Revision of the Frequency Containment Process') ( The aim with the project was to review and harmonize the requirements for primary frequency controlled reserves (FCR-N and FCR-D) in the Nordics, with the superior goal of improvement of the frequency quality.

MARI Stakeholders Workshop

The parties of the European project MARI invites stakeholders to a workshop which will be held on 4 September 2017 at the ENTSO-E premises in Brussels.

A new balancing model for the Nordic power system

In order to meet future challenges to the Nordic power system, and at the same time fully benefit from the European market development, the Swedish and Norwegian TSOs are taking the first steps towards an updated power system balancing model. The model is founded on proven methodology and modern IT solutions. The Finnish and Danish TSOs are invited to join.

The project Finer Time Resolution will continue to involve stakeholders and interested parties

The four Nordic TSOs (Statnett, Svenska kraftnät, Fingrid, and are jointly performing an analysis of how to implement 15 minute imbalance settlement period (ISP) in the Nordics. Introducing 15 minute imbalance settlement is part of the upcoming guideline on Electricity Balancing. With 15 minute ISP all imbalances will be settled over a 15 minute time period instead of the current 60 minute time period and market players will have the opportunity to trade 15 minute products.

A new report about Nordic balancing philosophy

The Nordic transmission system operators (TSOs) have prepared a detailed report describing the Nordic balancing philosophy to outline the principles and strategy behind the current rules and procedures for the balancing process.