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More trade capacity available on the day-ahead market when new sum allocation is introduced 29th March

The trade capacities for SE3 will be optimized in the day-ahead market when Svenska kraftnät’s proposition for new sum allocation from SE3 to DK1 and NO1 is introduced in March.

The new sum allocation implies that available operationally reliable trade capacity on the day-ahead market, between the three bidding zones, can increase significantly under certain conditions.

In December 2021 Svenska kraftnät applied to introduce sum allocation from SE3 to DK1 and from SE3 to NO1 in the day-ahead market coupling. The sum allocation is one of several measures Svenska kraftnät is working on to increase the available capacity to the market. 

Introducing the proposition of new sum allocation requires the approval and prioritization of the transmission system operators and electricity market operators that are part of the common European market coupling. The sum allocation has now been approved by SDAC, the cooperation forum for the European market coupling, and the proposed new sum allocation will be introduced with the first trading day 29th March 2022.

More information about the new sum allocation.

Please direct any questions regarding the proposition for new sum allocation to Svenska kraftnät by e-mail: