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Nordic common project for review of primary reserve requirements – finalized phase 1

In the end of 2014, the Nordic TSOs launched the common FCP project ('Revision of the Frequency Containment Process') ( The aim with the project was to review and harmonize the requirements for primary frequency controlled reserves (FCR-N and FCR-D) in the Nordics, with the superior goal of improvement of the frequency quality.

The first phase of the project has now been finalized. Extensive work has resulted in a first proposed draft of a Nordic harmonized requirement specification, accompanied by fundamental supporting documentation. The work has been performed in cooperation between the four Nordic TSOs and a solid reference group constituting of producers, industrial customers, manufacturers and branch organizations etc.

The new proposed specifications state the requirements to be fulfilled for market participants providing FCR-N and/or FCR-D in the Nordic system. The specifications cover both requirements on frequency control response and pre-qualification testing as well as requirements for real time measurements and data logging. Analyses show the possible improvement of system dynamics and frequency quality with the developed requirements.

Before the proposed new requirements can be implemented there is a need for a further fine tuning of the requirements based on feedback from stakeholders. This fine tuning of the requirements is planned to take place during 2018 after which planning for an implementation phase will start, including suitable mechanisms for transition from current system FCR properties to the new FCR properties.

The TSOs will send out invitation for participation to stakeholder group ahead of the startup of the implementation phase.

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