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Open consultation of proposition for new technical requirements for FCR

Svenska kraftnät invite stakeholders to an open consultation on new technical requirements for FCR. The consultation is open during the period 16 March-11 April 2022.

Svenska kraftnät and the other Nordic Tranmission System Operators (TSO) will introduce new harmonised technical requirements for the ancillary services Frequency Containment Reserve Normal, (FCR-N), Frequency Containment Reserve Disturbed, Upwards (FCR-D up) and for Frequency Containment Reserve Disturbed, Downwards, (FCR-D down). Svenska kraftnät is now holding an open consultation on the future technical requirements for the relevant support services FCR-N, FCR-D up and FCR-D down. Reply to the consultation no later than 11 April 2022.

Read more about the consultation and respond via the consultation page under Meet Svenska kraftnät

Read this news in Swedish: Öppen konsultation om nya tekniska krav för FCR

Read about the consultation in Swedish via the consultation page under Möt Svenska kraftnät

The updated requirements proposal is presented at a Nordic workshop

On 28 March, the Nordic TSOs will host a workshop to present and discuss the future technical requirements for the ancillary services FCR-N, FCR-D up and FCR-D down. Pre-registration is required.

During the meeting, results and experiences from the tests performed during the pilot phase for the new technical requirements will be presented. We will also discuss the Nordic TSOs' revised proposition for new technical requirements.

Read more and register on the event page under Meet Svenska kraftnät

Summary of changes in the revised proposition for technical requirements for FCR

The changes can be summarised in four important parts.

  • Reduced number of tests
    The test program is greatly shortened for both FCR-N and FCR-D. For FCR-D, the ramp test has been modified to include deactivation and parameter switching tests.
  • Relaxation of the requirements
    The requirements for the FCR-N have been relaxed somewhat by assuming a slightly higher frequency-dependent load in the system. It will also be possible to pre-qualify a scaled-down capacity if the performance requirements are not fully met. The requirements for FCR-D have been relaxed both in terms of performance and stability.
  • Clarified requirements for resources with limited energy reserve, LER
    The requirements include, among other things, state of charge management.
  • New documentation structure
    The structure of the documentation has also been changed. The previous versions included a separate supporting document. It has now been removed, and the key content has been merged with the technical requirements document.

Read the revised proposition for a technical requirements on the consultation page under Meet Svenska kraftnät

The new proposition is based on joint development and practical tests

The current proposition for new technical requirements for FCR has been developed in a joint Nordic TSO-project assisted by a reference group consisting of Nordic energy market participants.

In 2021, a test phase was held where suppliers were allowed to carry out tests to try to meet the proposed new technical requirements. In connection with the test phase, the TSOs collected the participants' experiences and views on both requirements and test procedures. The proposition for technical requirements has since been updated based on the experiences during the test phase. It is this revised document that is now open to consultation.

The process ahead

Svenska kraftnät will now collect feedback on the draft proposition for new technical requirements. The last day to submit feedback is April 11, 2022.
The Nordic project will then, if necessary, update the proposition for new technical requirements based on the feedback. Thereafter, the Nordic TSOs will prepare a legal method proposition based on the propositioned requirements.

Public consultation of the legal method proposition

The legal method proposition will be published for public consultation and then submitted to the national supervisory authorities in the Nordic countries for approval.


For questions to Svenska kraftnät, contact project manager Malin Wester via e-mail: