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Open consultation on amended methodologies for additional properties of FCR and dimensioning rules for FCR

The Nordic transmission system operators invite stakeholders to a public consultation on amendments to the Nordic Synchronous Area Methodology for Additional Properties of FCR and the Methodology for Dimensioning Rules for FCR.

The Nordic transmission system operators (TSO) are developing new, harmonised technical requirements for the Frequency Containment Reserves, FCR, in the Nordic Synchronous Area. The work has been ongoing since 2019 and anchored in stages with the electricity market participants.

The Nordic TSOs are now consulting amendments to the methodology for additional properties and dimensioning of the frequency containment reserves, FCR.

The consulation is held in English via the ENTSO-E website.

More information on the consultation and how to respond is available on the event page under Meet Svenska kraftnät

Read about the consultation in Swedish

Stakeholder feedback is important

The purpose of the consultation is to get feedback on the methodologies. Stakeholder’s feedback are important for assessing whether the proposals need further adjustment before they are submitted to the national regulatory authorities for decision.

The consultation is held in accordance with the EU regulation Operation of electricity transmission system (System Operation SO) Article 11.

The corresponding technical requirements document was consulted during March-April and has been updated taking the stakeholder feedback into account.

The updated technical requirements document as well as a summary of the comments received and the TSOs' responses to the feedback, is available on the consultation page under Meet Svenska kraftnät

What happens next?

The TSOs will take the views of stakeholders expressed in the consultations into account in the preparation of the final version of the methodologies before submitting them to the NRAs.

In all cases, a sound justification for including or not including the views resulting from the consultation will be provided together with the submission of the proposal. The material will be published in a timely manner before, or simultaneously with the publication of the amended methodologies for additional properties of FCR and dimensioning of FCR.


If you have questions please contact Henrik Ekestam, e-mail: