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Plan to increase automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve (aFRR)

In order to prepare for the new Nordic balancing concept and implementation of ACE (Area Control Error) based balancing, the Nordic TSOs have agreed on a plan for increasing aFRR procurement hours and volume.

Increase of hours



The number of hours will be increased from 35 hours/week today to all hours until Q2/2020.

From now until introduction of the Nordic aFRR capacity market, expected in Q2/2019, the number of hours will continuously be evaluated based on the targeted frequency quality level. An evaluation will be done for each quarter of the year.

After the introduction of the Nordic aFRR capacity market, the number of hours will be increased in even steps every quarter until Q2/2020.

Increase of volume


After reaching the full number of hours, the Nordic volume of aFRR will be increased from today's level of 300 MW, as the required volume is expected to be larger in the ACE based balancing where aFRR will be used for real time ACE balancing. The TSOs plan to shift to aFRR based ACE balancing in Q1/2021 and by then the tentative target volume of aFRR is 600 MW.

Scheduled and planned procurement hours 2018


The current procurement schedule until week 26 remains unchanged according to the earlier published information. The procurement schedule for the second half-year 2018 will be communicated later this spring.

For further information, please contact:

Kaj Christensen,, +45 23 33 85 03

Vesa Vänskä, Fingrid, +358 30 395 5185

Gunnar Nilssen, Statnett, +47 23 90 32 38

Mikael Winai, Svenska kraftnät, +46 10 475 87 97