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Summary of media attention and actions taken

Throughout the month of January a newspaper has published several articles about Svenska kraftnät, painting a picture Svenska kraftnät does not agree with. There are however, as stated in the articles, shortcomings in our routines surrounding security screening and new hire entry into our facilities as well as shortcomings in our systematic work against irregularities.

Some of these shortcomings have emerged because of the articles and some shortcomings and areas for development have already been identified internally, for instance in correlation with an internal audit. We have initiated a number of actions in order to come to terms with the shortcomings that have emerged.

This has transpired

Some consultant suborders have been executed incorrectly and routines surrounding security screenings and new hire entry into our facilities have not been consistently properly followed. When reviewing we have found cases where employees may have had access to information that motivates a higher security class than the one they had at the given time. This incident is being investigated and handled promptly. It has been reported as a protective security incident to the Swedish Security Service.

Via the whistleblower function a member of the management has been reported for possible bias surrounding consultant suborders and for possible avocation. The reported person has also deleted emails in correlation with the attention in the media, which goes against proper governance.

In 2018 an internal audit of Svenska kraftnät’s work against irregularities was performed. The audit indicated shortcomings in the preventive work and in the systematic ways of working against irregularities. An action plan has been produced and will be decided upon by the Board of Directors in February 2019.

This is being done

Director-general Ulla Sandborgh is serious about these incidents:

– We are an authority and we shall go by the ethical foundations of the state and act like state officials. I very much want to clarify and rectify the shortcomings that have emerged and any further shortcomings.

Ulla Sandborgh has requested an oversight by the Swedish Security Service in order to ensure that shortcomings in protective security are identified and amended. Other actions include several ongoing and initiated investigations for reviewing e.g. consultant procurement and whistleblower matters. These investigations are mainly performed by external parties.

An action plan was produced as a result of the internal audit of Svenska kraftnät’s work against irregularities. The plan includes for instance a yearly follow-up of employees’ avocations and a decision that all managers shall complete the Swedish National Financial Management Authority’s interactive education on state governance.

The director-general has made a number of decisions where the objective is to take care of shortcomings identified within the protective security field. She has also decided that the manager who is being investigated in the whistleblower matter will not be part of the management group for the duration of the ongoing investigation.