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Webinar 17 March: Balancing markets as a business opportunity for Data centers

Providing ancillary services provides an opportunity to expand the company's business while contributing to a secure and sustainable energy transition. The balancing markets are now available for new participants, like the data center industry.

As the Transmission System Operator (TSO) of the Swedish power system, Svenska kraftnät are responsible for keeping the power system in balance at all times. To do this, we procure ancillary services on our balancing markets. The size of the market for ancillary services was approximately MSEK 1 500 in 2019 and is expected to grow in the coming years. Providing ancillary services is also an important contribution to the green energy transition.

The transformation of the power system creates opportunities for new solutions and technologies to enter our markets. Already several data centers are participating in our markets, and we believe that the sector on a general level has both technical and economic potential to participate to a larger extent.

At the webinar, we will describe our markets and products as well as the requisites for participation, providing you with information on how to initiate a prequalification process. As a further concretizing of the business opportunity for data centers we will also present two examples of how data centers participate in the balance markets today.

The main target groups for the webinar are data centers and other actors providing data storage products and services. The webinar will be in English, providing opportunities to ask questions in both English and Swedish.


Registration and practicalities

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The webinar is hosted through Webex. Webex will work best if you use Edge or Chrome. To ensure optimal audio experience we recommend that you use head phones during the webinar.

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  • A changing power system and introduction to balancing markets
  • Presentation by Vattenfall/Synpower: Data centers and FCR-D – Grid support and new revenues
  • Market design and conditions
  • Presentation by Fortum: Provide flexibility services with UPS system
  • The prequalification process
  • Summary