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Offshore wind turbines at twilight

Offshore grid connections

Svenska kraftnät works to enable to build offshore grid infrastructure. Preliminary studies and preparations for various implementation projects are currently underway.

Offshore wind power is expected to be an important piece of the puzzle in the transition to renewable energy production. Svenska kraftnät is preparing to be able to provide those who want to connect an offshore wind farm with sustainable and practical conditions for connection to the Swedish transmission grid.

On 1 January 2022, Svenska kraftnät was given a new task via an amended instruction to to expand the transmission network to areas within Sweden’s maritime territory where multiple offshore wind farms could be connected to the grid and enable the connection of offshore energy production. 

As early as the autumn of 2021, we were given a special government assignment to begin the preparatory work for the expansion of building offshore grid infrastructure.

Within the government assignment, Svenska kraftnät shall:

  • examining whether there is a need for new guidelines for offshore stakeholders
  • where possible, describe and explain conditions for developers with respect to, for example, the timing and geographic areas of transmission development.
  • clarify the conditions for projectors who have already submitted an application for connection, and
  • describe the conditions, advantages and disadvantages as well as the consequences for connected stakeholders in introducing their own electricity areas for offshore areas.

The results of the work was reported on the 15 of June 2022.

Information meetings with stakeholders in June 2022

On 16 June 2022, Svenska kraftnät participated in the Swedish Wind Energy Association (SWEA) The Association has been involved in the process surrounding the Government assignment.


If you have any questions regarding the development of offshore grid connections, please contact Svenska kraftnät on e-mail:

More information

English translation of the original report which is written in Swedish. In the event of any differences, the Swedish version applies. (.pdf) Opens in a new window

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