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Långbjörn – Storfinnforsen

The grid are strengthened between Långbjörn and Storfinnforsen

We plan to strengthen the grid with a new overhead line between Långbjörn and Storfinnforsen. With a new line, we reduce the risk that the grid is overloaded causing power outages in the region.

About the project

Svenska kraftnät is planning a new AC line between Långbjörn and Storfinnsforsen to reinforce the grid in Sollefteå Municipality. The new line is needed because northern Sweden is producing more electricity - an increase that places greater demands on grid capacity. 

The grid needs to be strengthened because electricity production is increasing in the north

Northern Sweden produces more renewable electricity in the form of both wind and water power. This is because more wind farms have been built and power has increased in hydropower plants. In order for the grid to be able to receive this growing electricity production, it needs to be strengthened with a new line.

A new line strengthens the grid and reduces the risk of blackouts

By building a new line, we increase grid capacity. With increased capacity, the network can transport larger amounts of electricity in a safe manner. It reduces the risk of network overload and the resulting power outages.

New overhead line planned between Långbjörn and Storfinnforsen

We are planning a new overhead line north of Ramsele in Sollefteå Municipality between Långbjörn and Storfinnforsen stations. Like the rest of the grid, the line will be built for alternating current. The overhead line is about 35 km long and will mostly go through woodland. Currently, we plan to start building the line in 2019 and put it into operation in 2020.


The line will be built between Långbjörn and Storfinnforsen stations just north of Ramsele. It will mostly be built in woodland.

Length: approximately 40 km
Height: approximately 25 meters
Distance between pylons: approximately 300 meters
Technology: 400 kV overhead AC line

Time plan


First consultation

Spring 2015

Information meeting in Ramsele

5 May 2015
Second consultation 

Autumn 2015

Information meeting in Ramsele

19 November 2015

Concession application  Autumn 2016 
Construction start 2019

Planned commissioning