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Till startsidan


Strengthening the connection to the Baltic region

The electricity connection NordBalt that was taken in operation in 2016 is of great importance to security policy in the Baltic region and will enhance the Baltic countries' security of electricity supply.

About NordBalt

In cooperation with Lithuania’s national grid operator LITGRID, Svenska kraftnät is building the electricity connection NordBalt. It will be the national grid’s fifteenth overseas connection and the first between Sweden and the Baltic countries. NordBalt will strengthen the link between the Nordic and Baltic electricity markets.

An important issue for the EU

Linking the electricity markets is an important issue in the European Union. NordBalt means that the Baltic countries become less dependent on fossil energy sources such as gas and coal, as the new connection can transport renewable energy.

Connecting Sweden and Lithuania

The new overseas connection stretches between Nybro in Småland and the port of Klaipeda in Lithuania. NordBalt consists of a 450 km long DC power cable, 400 km of which is an undersea cable.

Cooperation with Lithuania

NordBalt is a cooperation between Svenska kraftnät and the Lithuanian transmission system operator LITGRID. The project is partly financed by the EU. The total investment in Sweden and the Baltic countries is estimated to over 552 million euro. Reinforcements that are made in the Swedish and Baltic power grids are financed separately.

Commissioning in 2016

The commissioning of NordBalt was in the beginning of 2016. 

Facts about NordBalt

Effect: 700 MW
Voltage: ± 300 kV
Technique: DC, HVDC VSC
Main reason for technology: The distance across the Baltic Sea and the interconnection of different AC power grids
Length sea cable: 400 km
Length land cable: 40 km on the Swedish side, 10 km on the Lithuanian side.
Connects to: Nybro in Sweden and Klaipeda in Lithuania.
Commissioning: 2016

The project is co-financed by the EU. The total investment is estimated at 552 million euro. Reinforcements that need to be done in the Swedish and Baltic electricity networks are funded separately.

Time plan

The whole sea cable in place June 2015
Converter stations constructed December 2015
NordBalt in commission 2016