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Anneberg – Skanstull

The electricity grid is being strengthened between Danderyd and Stockholm

We are planning a new electricity connection between Danderyd and southern Hammarbyhamnen in Stockholm. This is one of many reinforcements of the Stockholm region's grid being made in order to meet the growing need for electricity.

About Anneberg – Skanstull

We are planning a new electricity connection in a tunnel between Danderyd and Stockholm. It adds to strengthen the local grid and is part of several reinforcements being made within the project Stockholm Ström to meet future electricity needs. In spring 2015 we submitted requests for permission to start building.

The reinforcement between the new substations Anneberg and Skanstull constitute the second phase of the electrical interconnection, City Link, which stretches from the northern to the southern Stockholm region.

The connection adds to a more stable electricity network in the Stockholm region

The new connection is part of the project Stockholm Ström, a collaboration between Ellevio, Vattenfall and us at Svenska kraftnät with the aim to reinforce the Stockholm region's electricity grid. Together, we are building a new structure for the grid to meet the region's growing need for secure electricity supplies.

We have proposed a connection route

In spring 2015, after a lengthy investigation and consultation process, we applied for permission to build. We plan to build the electricity connection in a tunnel that crosses the most densely populated parts of Stockholm. The tunnel will mainly be built by drilling, starting at the new substation Anneberg in Danderyd. The tunneling then continues through Solna and Stockholm (Östermalm and Södermalm) and on to the new substation Skanstull in Mårtensdal, south of Hammarbyhamnen.

Construction is expected to start in 2019

Currently, we expect to start building the new electricity connection in 2019, at the earliest. We estimate that tunneling will last for approximately 3.54 years. During this time, we will also build ventilation shafts. Thereafter installations will be done inside the tunnel. Time for both the start of construction and commissioning is dependent on when the concession as well as environmental judgment are announced.


Stretch: substation Anneberg, Danderyd – substation Skanstull, south Hammarbyhamnen, Stockholm
Length: approximately 14 km
Technology: AC, 400 kV cables in the tunnel
Tunnel diameter: 5 meters
Maximum tunnel depth: approximately 100 meters

Time Plan

Consultation 2012-2015
Start of construction 2019
Construction time Approximately 5 years for tunneling and installations

City Link – electricity’s new highway

An important part of Stockholms Ström is the new electricity connection City Link built in four stages. Anneberg - Skanstull is the second stage. City Link will connect the northern and southern Stockholm area - from Hagby in Upplands Väsby to Ekudden in Huddinge. When City Link is finished, electricity can be fed from several directions in the Stockholm area. It secures electricity supply for the future. The first phase of City Link we have built with overhead lines and cables. The second stage we plan to tunnel through downtown Stockholm. Investigation of the third and fourth stage is in progress, the map shows the areas of investigation.

A part of the Stockholms Ström project

The Stockholm region's dependence on electricity increases. The electricity network needs to be strengthened and renewed to meet the future’s need of secure electricity supplies. Svenska kraftnät has therefore, together with the electricity network companies Vattenfall and Ellevio, proposed a new structure for the region's electricity grid, the project Stockholms Ström. To realize this requires more than fifty subprojects to be implemented. There are new underground cables, overhead lines, tunnels and substations.