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Storfinnforsen – Midskog:
Consultation with county administrative boards

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In February 2015, we held consultation with the county administrative boards of Jämtland and Västernorrland to obtain their views on the rebuilding and how we can best consider local interests. Unlike our new construction projects, we already have a valid permit to operate and use this line. Therefore, no further consultation will be held.

The consultation process when there is already a valid permit

The new line will be built in the same line corridor and since we already have a valid concession, i.e. the permit needed to operate and maintain the line, consultation come under Chapter 12 § 6 of the Environmental Code. Accordingly, consultation is held with the relevant country administrative boards where we account for the impact on the natural environment caused by the rebuilding of the line.

This means that there will be no consultation where landowners, concerned individuals, municipalities and interest organizations have the opportunity to leave comments, as we do otherwise when building new lines which require us to apply for permission.

The consultation paper for both county administrative boards can be found on the page "Documents and Maps" (in Swedish).