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The SouthWest Link

Securer electricity supply to southern Sweden

The SouthWest Link is our largest investment ever and extends from Hallsberg in Närke to Hörby in Skåne. With the link in full operation, the capacity to transmit electricity from central to southern Sweden is expected to increase by up to 25 percent.

About the SouthWest Link

In southern Sweden, the consumption of electricity sometimes exceeds supply. There are also a number of electricity connections to other countries. With a capacity to transport 2 x 600 megawatts, roughly equivalent to what two nuclear reactors produce, the SouthWest Link is expected to limit the differences in electricity prices caused by a deficit of electricity.

The SouthWest Link is being built between Närke and Skåne

The SouthWest Link is currently being built and is composed entirely of three new AC substations, two new converter stations, underground cables and overhead lines. The connection consists of two parts that meet at the substation Barkeryd, just north of Nässjö. To the north, an AC connection extends to the substation Hallsberg in Närke and to the south a DC connection stretches to the substation Hurva in Skåne.

The northern part  – an AC overhead line

The northern part consists of a 180 km long 400 kV AC overhead line. It strengthens the national grid for electricity while also making it possible to connect renewable energy sources to the grid. Commissioning was in April 2015.

The southern part – a DC underground cable

The southern part consists of a 250 km long DC connection with a transfer capacity of 2 x 600 MW. Along a 60 km distance between Nässjö and Värnamo the transfer will go through a DC overhead line. The remaining 190 km are transmitted through underground cables.

A DC connection does not enhance the grid as an AC connection does, but can be used when large amounts of electricity need to be transferred from one place to another. Commissioning is set to December 2020 (2x 600 MW).

Facts about the SouthWest Link

  • Investment: 7 300 millions (SEK)
  • Technique Hallsberg – Barkeryd: AC overhead line (400 kV)
  • Technique Barkeryd – Hurva: DC connection, HVDC VSC (2 x 600 MW)
  • Length AC overhead line: 180 km
  • Length DC overhead line: 60 km
  • Length DC cable: 190 km
  • Substations included in the project: Östansjö, Barkeryd and Hurva. 

Time plan

Event When
Commissioning Östansjö - Barkeryd, 400 kV AC overhead line April 2015
Commissioning Barkeryd - Hurva, 2 x 600 MW (HVDC connection) October 2020