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Balance responsibility

As system operator we must ensure that there is a balance between production and consumption of electricity in the country. But we are not responsible for ensuring that there is enough output to meet consumption in the country. This responsibility falls to the balance responsibility parties.

Under the Electricity Act, an electricity supplier is obliged to supply as much electricity as its customers consume. The electricity supplier may take on this responsibility themselves for its electricity supply or transfer the responsibility to another company.

Balance responsibility parties plan the production and buy electricity

The balance responsibility parties create a balance between supply and consumption by planning their production based on a forecast of consumption, and also by buying electricity, for example on the power market Nord Pool.

Balance every hour

There must be balance each hour of the day. In retrospect, we check how the balance responsibility parties throughout the country have managed. If any member of the balance responsibility parties have delivered too little or too much power compared with consumption for a given hour this is regulated economically afterwards.