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Electricity trade

In the Nordic power market Nord Pool, electricity market players can buy and sell electricity. In Nasdaq OMX they can secure their electricity price for several years ahead.

Electricity trading for the next day

The marketplace for the trading of electricity is the Nordic power market Nord Pool, which has a spot market for trading electricity per hour for delivery the next day. Most of the trade per hour takes place on Nord Pool, while a smaller portion is made directly between electricity generators and electricity suppliers. Nord Pool is located in Oslo and is owned by Svenska kraftnät along with the other national grid companies in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

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Long-term trade of electricity

The Stockholm Stock Exchange, Nasdaq OMX, has a futures market (financial trading) for long-term trade where the market player can secure their electricity price for several years to come. Long-term trade can even take place directly between players, usually with the help of brokers.