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International cooperation

Svenska kraftnät is mandated to promote an open Swedish, Nordic and European electricity market. Therefore, we build new electricity connections that strengthen the links with the Nordic and Baltic countries' electricity grids. We also participate in European cooperation to create a single electricity market in the EU. In addition, we are working closely with other system operators in Norway, Finland and Denmark to operate our electrical system effectively.

The aim is a secure, environmentally sound and reliable electricity supply

Efforts to create a single market for electricity in the EU have been going on since 1999. Right now the work is focused on the harmonization of the various regulations that countries have regarding the operation of the national grids, grid connection and electricity trade. The aim is to create competitive rates and secure, environmentally friendly and reliable solutions for electricity supply across Europe.

The European association of grid operators

Our European cooperation takes place primarily within the partner organization European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E). Within ENTSO-E there are 41 European TSOs cooperating in 34 countries.

ENTSO-E is mandated by the European Commission to work with two main tasks:

  • Develop proposals for common European rules, known as network codes, for electricity trading, reliability and connection to the electricity networks.
  • Develop a Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) for the national grids of Europe.

European Ten-Year Network Development Plan

Every two years ENTSO-E produces a Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) for European national grids. The aim is to identify what reinforcements and new electricity connections are needed in order for the national grids to contribute to the EU's energy policy goals of sustainable, secure and long-term energy supply, and to facilitate a single electricity market. The plan describes the potential developments of the grid system 10-15 years ahead.

The latest version, TYNDP2014 shows that investments in the national grids of Europe can reach up to 150 billion Euros by 2030. These reinforcements, which are already decided, commenced or contemplated, have positive effects on the European economy and the environment. Among other things, they create the opportunity to increase the share of renewable electricity production.

Cooperation for a common electricity market in Europe

Within Europe, there is extensive cooperation between the countries to create a single European electricity market and also to ensure a secure and long-term energy supply. An important and major part of the work is to create common European rules, known as network codes, for electricity trading, reliability and connection to the electricity grids. We participate in ENTSO-E's efforts by developing proposals for such network codes.

Efforts to develop a new EU regulatory framework take place in several stages and there are many different parties involved in this work. You can read more about the work and what roles other Swedish authorities have in this European energy cooperation on the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate website.

Read more about international energy cooperation on the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate website.

Consumers should be able to buy electricity oll over the Nordic region

Together with our counterparts in Finland (Fingrid) and Norway (Statnett), we are working to create a single Nordic retail market. The goal is for electricity users to be able to purchase their electricity from any of the Nordic electricity suppliers, not just from suppliers in their own country.

New electricity connection links the Nordic and Baltic countries

The entire Baltic region is now integrated with the Nordic electricity market. This means that electricity retailers in the Nordic and Baltic countries can purchase electricity on a common Nordic-Baltic power exchange, Nord Pool Spot.

We have also expanded the grid with a new connection between Sweden and Lithuania. The new connection is called NordBalt. NordBalt is a prerequisite for a well interconnected Nordic-Baltic electricity market.