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International cooperation

Svenska kraftnät is commissioned with promoting an open Swedish, Nordic and European electricity market. In an increasingly global environment, international collaboration is vital if Svenska kraftnät is to deliver on its commission. The authority cooperates with other transmission system operators (TSOs) to establish a European energy union and work toward the goal of a climate-neutral EU.

For years Svenska kraftnät has participated in many levels of international collaboration. In Europe, Svenska kraftnät participates in ENTSO-E (the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity). On a regional level, the authority collaborates with other Nordic TSOs and their Baltic equivalents.

By collaborating internationally, Svenska kraftnät contributes to a sustainable, reliable and competitive power supply. In addition, European TSOs have been identified as being enablers of many of the initiatives mentioned in the European Green Deal, for instance, implementing renewable energy where electricity grid expansion is necessary.