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Pilot for increased supply of ancillary services from energy storage

Energy storage can already provide ancillary services to Svenska kraftnät today. Svenska kraftnät are now also launching a pilot for resources with limited energy reserve, known as LER (Limited Energy Reservoirs). The pilot with LER includes the frequency containment reserve for disturbance (FCR-D), where bidding is now made possible all hours. The purpose is both to increase liquidity in the market and to increase knowledge of how these resources interact with the power system.

Procurement of automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve (aFRR) in Q4/2019

The Nordic TSOs have decided to further increase the procurement of aFRR in Q4 2019 by expanding the number of procurement hours per week from 61 to 69. The total volume will be varied with approximately 300 MW in most hours and approximately 400 MW in morning hours.

Project FCR-Design finalized

The FCR-Design project, which is a continuation of the project "Review of the Frequency Containment Process (FCP)", has been finalized. The goal of the project has been to review and harmonize the technical requirements for FCR-D with the goal of relaxing the requirements in order to ease pre-qualification / pre-qualify more capacity/units, based on the results from the FCP-project.