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Development of ramping restrictions for HVDC cables

The Nordic power system is a small synchronous area in a European perspective and hence keeping a stable system frequency is a challenge. The Nordic TSOs are constantly working on developing measures to maintain the frequency quality and to control flow changes in the grid coping with the accelerating development in production composition, increase in grid and interconnector capacity and deepened market integration with other synchronous areas. One of the measures that the Nordic TSOs have deemed necessary, is ramping restrictions on HVDC interconnectors.

Successful Go-Live of Nordic Multi-NEMO Day-Ahead Market Coupling

June 2020 – The project parties of the Nordic Multi-NEMO Day-Ahead Market Coupling are pleased to announce that the Multi-NEMO Arrangement (MNA) has been successfully implemented in the Nordic region. The first trading day with MNA in place was successfully completed on 03 June 2020.