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Data hub

Svenska kraftnät and the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate (Energimarknadsinspektionen, Ei) have been assigned by the Swedish Government to establish a so-called data hub that will encompass all metering data for the electricity market in Sweden.

The introduction of the data hub will result in significant changes on the electricity market in Sweden. One of the main purposes of the data hub is to enable a supplier centric market model, meaning that electricity consumers will only need to have one electricity trading company that will invoice both distribution and consumption of electricity. Another purpose is to enable new types of services related to energy efficiency by increased competition and transparency on the electricity market, as a result of improved access and exchange of information with the data hub.

Time plan

The previously announced time plan indicated deployment of the data hub in 2021. Due to delay in legislation for the data hub, the overall time plan has been postponed at least one year with deployment earliest in later part of 2022.

When legislation is in place, a more detailed plan with timing can be determined.

Migration of data

The implementation of the data hub requires master data about existing sites, customers and contracts.

Experiences from data hub implementations in other Nordic countries show the importance of good data quality when deploying the system.

That means that an early involvement from the market actors, i.e. grid owners and retailers, is necessary. In the autumn of 2018 an inventory phase started for the actors to identify the data in their source systems before the coming validation and migration to the data hub.

Svenska kraftnät has distributed an inventory instruction to all market actors in Sweden with the following purpose:

  • To ensure that the grid owners and the retailers understand what data they will be responsible for in the coming  migration to the data hub
  • That the actors conduct an initial survey comparing the data they have in their systems today with the data that shall be migrated to the hub.
  • That the actors perform quality enhancement measures for certain types of information, such as metering point addresses.


We will carry out several procurements within the data hub project. The first is completed and included the procurement of a system developer team that has the capability to develop a larger prototype of the data hub including option on full implementation.

System developer

The first procurement includes the following deliverables during the period Q3 2018 – Q2 2019.

Architecture – Produce a Software Architecture Description (SAD) including the total functional scope for the data hub.

Prototype – Build, test and implement a prototype covering the most architecturally significant functionality. The prototype should contain many of the capabilities of the final data hub but not include all functionality.

Statement of Work (SOW) – Based on the architecture and prototype deliverables, the supplier shall develop a SOW describing how to implement a fully functional data hub.

Data migration solution

Svenska kraftnät has decided to cancel the procurement of Migration Solution, Project Elmarknadshubb. The reason for the cancelation of the procurement is that the requirements have changed due to IT-security reasons. Furthermore, this has led to change of demands for Svenska kraftnät since the procurement was announced. Svenska kraftnät will soon provide more information about upcoming activities.

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