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Information about reserves

Svenska kraftnät is the system operator for electricity in Sweden, which entails responsibility for ensuring that the Swedish electricity supply is reliable and that there is a constant balance between power input and output, meaning that the frequency is 50 Hz.

In order for Svenska kraftnät to be able to fulfil their commission of keeping the balance in the power system, Svenska kraftnät purchases reserves from the balance responsible parties. Reserves may for instance be composed of production units or units that can adapt their electricity consumption.

What kind of reserves are available?

A general overview of the reserve markets of FCR-N, FCR-D, aFRR and mFRR is given in the document ”Reserve Markets”, provided on this page.

Provision of reserves to Svenska kraftnät

In order to provide reserves, the requirements stipulated in the balance responsibility agreement, including appendices and regulatory documents, must be met.

Read more about what balance responsibility entails.

In order to provide a unit or group to the reserve markets, approved results in a prequalification are required. The prequalification consists of a test ensuring that the unit or group meets the requirements and the regulations in force for the reserve market in which it shall participate.

Additional information and documents related to prequalification for the respective reserve markets can be found here.

Submit an application of interest for provision of reserves here.

Information about the process of applying for the provision of FCR-N, FCR-D, aFRR and mFRR and the turnaround time for an application is given in the document ”Guidance on the Provision of Reserves” found on this page, where the document ”Questions & Answers on Reserves” is also found.

What is the remuneration for the provision of reserves?

Additional information about the remuneration for the provision of FCR-N, FCR-D, aFRR and mFRR is given in the document ”Trade and Pricing”, provided on this page.

Are you interested in participating or are you already participating in our reserve markets and have any questions?

Svenska kraftnät is a government authority, which entails that everything submitted to us by the use of e-mail, regular mail or fax is considered public records. If you have questions, the ways of contact are

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