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In order to participate in the balancing markets, a provider of FCR or FRR shall demonstrate that the technical requirements for the reserve is met by performing a prequalification with approved result.

Information about the prequalification process

Before an application for prequalification is made, we recommend you to have a look at the page Information about reserves.

On this page information about the different reserve markets and the processes to begin provision of reserves can be found in the documents “Guidance on the Provision of Reserves” and “Questions & Answers on Reserves”.

Reassessment of prequalification

The prequalification of FCR or FRR providing units or groups shall be re-assessed:

  • at least once every 5 years,
  • in case the technical requirements, endurance requirements or the equipment have changed

In addition, FCR providing units or groups shall be re-assessed:

  • in case of modernisation of equipment related to FCR activation

Documentation regarding prequalification for FCR-N, FCR-D, aFRR och mFRR

All documentation related to the application shall be sent to Svenska kraftnät by using Svenska kraftnät’s service Deaddrop. The applicant will receive a temporary Deaddrop account after notifying Svenska kraftnät that the application is complete and ready to be sent in.