New in the electricity market

As a new company in the electricity market there is a lot to think about. Here we present some tools that you might find useful.

In the Electricity Market Guide the industry standard can be found

How is the electricity market organized? Who is responsible for what and what processes must be followed as an actor in the electricity market? The Electricity Market Guide has the answers. The handbook serves as an industry standard in the electricity market, with the rules and routines that you as a new actor need to know. The handbook has been developed in cooperation between Svenska kraftnät and the trade association Svensk Energi and independent electricity retailers.

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How do actors communicate with each other?

The electricity branch has an electronic information exchange system called Ediel. All players operating in the electricity market use Ediel to communicate with each other in a standardized way. For example, it is used to report the measurements, trade values or to inform electricity consumers who switch their electricity supplier.

Portal for Ediel users

The Ediel portal is a tool for Ediel users. The portal contains information about all electricity actors, how you send standardized messages (EDI) between each other, information about contact persons and much more.

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Structural and settlement data

In the support system Mimer Opens in a new window (new window, only in Swedish) you can find information on the general structure of the electricity market.

Connecting wind power

Do you want to connect a wind turbine to the grid, or to another network? The site gives you step-by-step information for both small and large wind projects. It also describes laws and regulations, as well as roles and responsibilities in wind power. The website has been prepared on behalf of the government, in collaboration with some 20 agencies and organizations.

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