Sending an e-invoice to Svenska kraftnät

From 1 April 2019, you as a supplier to Svenska kraftnät must send us an e-invoice. Note that PDF is not an approved format.

According to the Act regarding e-invoices as a result of public procurement (SFS 2018:1277), all purchases, regardless of value, made in accordance of the procurement laws LOU, LUF, LUFS or LUK, must be invoiced with e-invoices. Purchases made by Svenska kraftnät must therefore be invoiced with an e-invoice.

Remember to state our reference on the invoice, without a correct reference there is a risk that our processing of your invoice will be delayed. If reference is missing, please contact us for correct information.

  • Order number (7-digit)
  • Username (2-6 letters)
  • Project number (6-digit)

If you already use e-invoices

Svenska Kraftnät primarily wants electronic invoices to be sent via the PEPPOL network. Svenska kraftnät's PEPPOL-ID is 0007:2021004284.

Another option is to use our VAN service. Svenska kraftnät receives e-invoices in the following formats: Peppol BIS Billing 3.0 and Svefaktura 1.0. We have OpusCapita as a VAN operator and our party ID is 2021004284. Contact us via e-mail for questions about connection.

If you currently do not use e-invoices

If you do not have the opportunity to send an e-invoice, you can invoice us free of charge via OpusCapita’s invoice portal Opens in a new window 

If you already use Fakturaportalen, you can continue with it: (.net) Download

Quick reference guide - Get started with the Invoice portal (pdf, 1 MB, new window) (.pdf) Opens in a new window

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