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Chemicals management

Svenska kraftnät aims to phase out the use of the most hazardous chemicals and reduce the risks to human health and the environment when using chemicals.

All chemicals used in Svenska kraftnät's operations must be reviewed or have a classification. Depending on the classification, there are special conditions which must be met prior to use. The special conditions involve active product choice work as shown in a product choice analysis and risk assessment that lead to safe handling. The classification of the chemicals must be shown in the chemical list. During inspections, you as the contractor must be able to show that all conditions have been met.

Description of the process from need to use.

What is the scope of the requirements?

The requirements apply to all suppliers with agreements that were made with Svenska kraftnät from October 2014 onwards. They apply to construction, operations and maintenance.

Which chemicals are covered?

The requirements for classification, inspection and special conditions apply to all chemicals that are used in Svenska kraftnät's operations and require label elements. They apply to chemicals that are used for consumption or in operations as well as chemicals that are contained in a product, such as transformer oil. However, the requirements do not apply to chemicals that are part of a product, e.g. treated wood.

Svenska kraftnät's chemicals can be divided into eight product types:

  • mortar and grout
  • fuel and additives
  • paint and surface treatment
  • glue and sealants
  • cleaning agents
  • lubricants
  • explosives
  • other (e.g. pesticides)

The substitution principle

"Persons who pursue an activity or take a measure, or intend to do so, shall avoid using or selling chemical products or biotechnical organisms that may involve risks to human health or the environment, if products or organisms that are assumed to be less dangerous can be used instead. The same requirement shall apply to goods that contain or are treated with a chemical product or a biotechnical organism."

Chapter 2 Section 6, the Swedish Environmental Code