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How to apply for a review

You do not need to submit chemicals already classified as BASTA/BETA in the BASTA register or as A/B in the Swedish Transport Administration's or Svenska kraftnät's Chemsoft if the review is done on the same safety data sheet.

Please note that there are chemicals which are exempt from the classification requirement. See "Exempt chemicals".

Please follow the steps below to apply for a review and obtain classification A-C for an unclassified chemical.

Apply for review of an unclassified chemical

  1. Log in to Chemsoft (new window).
    Apply here if you have no login details.
  2. Click the tab "Apply for chemical review".
  3. Click "All languages".
  4. Fill out the form. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
  5. Attach an up to date safety data sheet in a digital, searchable format, e.g. PDF.

When an application for review is received by Chemsoft, you will be sent an immediate confirmation by e-mail from Explizit. If the application is incomplete, you will receive a request for completion by e-mail.


The review period is maximum one week from the date your completed application was received. You can track and see the status of your case in Chemsoft.

If the safety data sheet is lacking information, you must inform your supplier of this. If the safety data sheet is lacking so much information that classification is impossible, an updated safety data sheet must be submitted. If not submitted, the chemical cannot be used as safe handling cannot be assessed.

Review report

When the chemical has been reviewed, you will receive a review report by e-mail and in Chemsoft. It will contain the chemical's classification A-C and the special conditions. You will also receive information about whether the chemical:

  1. May require medical inspection and/or special training according to AFS 2011:19 Chemical Hazards in the Working Environment. This applies to allergenic substances, for example epoxy resins.
  2. Includes substances covered by AFS 2018:1 Occupational Exposure Limits.
  3. Includes substances contained in any of these REACH restriction lists: candidate list, restricted substances list or list of substances subject to authorisation.
  4. Has other classifications.

The chemical is registered in Chemsoft under the current project, maintenance area or storage. You can now link the chemical to your own chemical list in Chemsoft.

After you have received a review report

  1. Enter the classification in your chemical list if your list is not created directly in Chemsoft.
  2. Fulfill the special conditions if the chemical is class B or C.

Status of chemicals in Chemsoft

  Not subject to labelling requirements/Exempt from review
  A – permitted
  B – risk reduction
  C – phase-out
  D – prohibited
  Review ongoing
  Review application incomplete

Has not been reviewed: applies to self-registered chemicals that are not classified