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Review and classification

Unclassified chemicals must be reviewed by Svenska kraftnät in order to obtain a classification.

What does the chemical has been reviewed mean?

The review provides a classification of the chemical's inherent hazardousness to human health and the environment on a scale from A to D, where A is least hazardous and D is most hazardous. The classification follows BASTA's and BETA's criteria.

The review does not constitute validation of use, as safe handling depends on how the chemical is handled at each area of use. You are responsible for safe handling and use of your chemical and for compliance with current legislation.


The critical factor in chemical classification is the levels of substances with particularly hazardous properties contained in the chemical and how hazardous these substances are to the environment and human health.

The hazardous properties correspond to a certain hazard statement with particularly dangerous and undesirable properties, such as being carcinogenic, endocrine-disrupting or dangerous to the ozone layer.

 Class A: First choice – no special conditions

The chemicals contain no or very low levels of substances with properties specified in the classification criteria. The criteria for Class A are the same as for registration in the BASTA register.

 Class B: Risk reduction – may be used if special conditions are met

The chemicals contain risk reduction substances. The criteria for Class B are the same as for registration in the BETA register.

Class B entails conditional use. See "Special conditions".

 Class C: Phase-out – may be used if special conditions are met

The chemicals contain phase-out substances. The chemicals in this class will be gradually phased out of use in Svenska kraftnät's operations and replaced by chemicals that are less hazardous environmentally and to human health. The chemicals must only be used when there is no alternative.

Class C entails conditional use. See "Special conditions".

 Class D: Prohibited or only permitted for specific use

The banned list is not yet available from Svenska kraftnät but can be found in the Swedish Transport Administration's Chemsoft. In areas of use approved by law, the conditions for Class C chemicals must be met.

No label elements required/Exempt from review

No label elements required

Does not meet the criteria for a chemical and does not need to be classified and labelled with regard to human health and environmental hazardousness, nor have a safety data sheet. Chemicals that do not require label elements do not need to be submitted for review.

Exempt from review

Chemicals that are exempt do not need to be submitted for review. See list of exempt chemicals.

The BASTA system

The BASTA system aims to phase out substances with hazardous properties from construction products and is owned by IVL Swedish Environmental Institute and the Swedish Construction Federation. Suppliers and manufacturers of construction products register products that meet the requirements for content of substances with hazardous properties according to BASTA or BETA criteria.