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Special conditions

On this page you can find a list of the special conditions that are linked to the chemical's class. All special conditions must be met with each new area of use*.

Symbol Class Meaning Special conditions from Svenska kraftnät in addition to legal requirements/TR13
  Exempt from review/No label elements required Exempt from review No additional requirements from Svenska kraftnät.
  Class A/BASTA Permitted No additional requirements from Svenska kraftnät.
  Class B/BETA Risk reduction
  • Complete Product choice analysis
  • Complete Risk assessment for B
  • If the chemical might affect soil and water, complete Risk assessment for C
  • Class A and B chemicals only need to be reviewed again when a new safety data sheet becomes available
  • The documents should be saved in a designated location and be displayed upon request
  Class C Phase-out

Svenska kraftnät aims to phase out the use of Class C chemicals. Therefore the use of Class C chemicals must be discussed with Svenska kraftnät prior to use.

  Class D Prohibited/only permitted for specific use

Not yet available from Svenska kraftnät but can be found in the Swedish Transport Administration's Chemsoft. In areas of use approved by law, the conditions for Class C chemicals must be met.

 *Each new area of use means each new contract or each new area of use within an existing contract.