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Environmental course

All contractors working for us must undergo our web-based environmental course that is specifically developed for contractors.

"TR13-04-01 Requirements concerning environment and health" (earlier named TR13-01) is our technical guideline for the environment. It requires the contractor's project manager, site manager, supervisor and equivalents to take web training and pass a test.

When must the training be taken?

Project managers must undergo the training at the start of the project. Site managers and/or supervisors must undergo training during establishment or when the work starts.

Which training do you need to take?

We have three different sets of environmental training based on which edition of TR13-01 your contract is covered by:

Version B – for the period 2009–October 2013
Version 3 – for the period November 2013–May 2014
Version 4 – for the period June 2014 and beyond

How to register

In the form below, enter your contact details and information about the project leader or maintenance engineer you are working for. Within a few days you will receive login details to access the web training.

Registration form (new window)