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Our magnetic field policy

Surrounding an overhead line for alternating current are an electric and a magnetic field. It is the voltage between the phases (lines) and the ground which gives rise to the electric field, while the current gives rise to the magnetic field.

The information here is intended for regional planners. Visit also our page to the general public on electric and magnetic fields.

The authorities have not set any limits for magnetic fields. We have developed a policy for magnetic field levels around our lines. The choice of precautionary level in our policy is based on the accumulated research results available.

Svenska kraftnät magnetic field policy

In the planning of new power lines, we will ensure that the magnetic field where people reside permanently normally does not exceed 0.4 micro tesla.

Upon renewal of permits (concessions) for existing lines, we will consider measures that reduce the exposure to magnetic fields. Measures shall be implemented where people consistently are exposured to magnetic fields, which deviate significantly from the normal. A prerequisite is that the costs and consequences in other respects are reasonable.

Application of magnetic field policy

In connection with renewal of permits for our AC power lines, we often take measures to reduce magnetic fields or offer to buy properties that sit as close to the line that the magnetic field exceeds 4.0 μT.

For brand new AC power lines our policy is that the magnetic field level should not exceed 0.4 μT where people live or stay permanently.

Order a magnetic field study

For example, if a building permit, prior notification or a detailed plan is to be processed, we can produce a magnetic field calculation on the relevant location indicating where the limit of 0.4 micro tesla goes. To order a magnetic field study, send us an email stating what the matter concerns, with the property name, municipality and contact, to Please note that such a study takes about a month to complete and that a longer response time may be needed during holiday times.