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Information about ancillary services

Svenska kraftnät purchases ancillary services to ensure a balanced and reliable Swedish electric power system.

The power system need new suppliers

Both new and old techniques can support the stability of the power system. Ancillary services can be provided from power plants, assets with flexible electricity consumption, or energy storage. The benefit of providing ancillary services is a combination of increased earnings and enabling the energy transition in Sweden and within the EU.

It is important that the ancillary service markets are accessible for new techniques in order to ensure adequate resources that can balance the power system in the future. The introduction of new techniques are also necessary to maintain the operational security. Svenska kraftnät are therefore working to make it easier for new technologies to entrance the markets.

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Deliver ancillary services to Svenska kraftnät

In order to deliver ancillary services to Svenska kraftnät, you have to fulfill the requirements stated in the Balance Responsibility Agreement.

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Before a unit or group are accepted to participate in any market, it must perform the so called prequalification test with approved results. The test ensures that the unit or group meets the requirements and rules of the market in which it is to participate.

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Guidance on the provision of ancillary services (pdf, new window) (.pdf) Opens in a new window

Energy storage or other techniques with limited endurance are relatively new to the ancillary service markets. Svenska kraftnät has therefore created an information sheet to clarify the conditions for provision of ancillary services from energy storage. The information sheet is however only available in Swedish and can be found here (pdf, new window) (.pdf) Opens in a new window.

Different types of ancillary services

There are different types of ancillary services where the requirement on endurance and speed differs. An overview of the services can be found here (pdf, new window) (.pdf) Opens in a new window. The purpose of the different services are briefly described in this table.

Ancillary service Purpose
FFR (Fast Frequency Reserve) Automatically activated service that handles the initial rapid and deep (transient) frequency deviations that can occur in the case of low-level rotational energy errors in the Nordic power system.
FCR-N (Frequency Containment Reserve - Normal) Automatically activated services that stabilizes the frequency in case of small changes in consumption or production.
FCR-D (Frequency Containment Reserve -  Disturbance) Automatically activated service that stabilizes the frequency in the event of a disturbance.
aFRR (automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve) Automatically activated  service which restore the frequency to 50 Hz.
mFRR (manual Frequency Restoration Reserve) Manual service which relieves the automatic services and restore the frequency to 50 Hz.

Questions and answers on Reserves

Remuneration for providing ancillary services

Read more about remuneration for provision of FCR-N, FCR-D, aFRR and mFRR in the document ”Trade and Pricing” (pdf, new window). (.pdf) Opens in a new window


Do you want to participate in our markets, or are you already participating and have questions? Please send us an email.

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