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Svenska kraftnät uses cookies to improve and personalize your visit to our website. By using this site you accept the use of these cookies. Learn more about cookies and how to disable them.

About cookies

Svenska kraftnät uses cookies on this site. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser. includes both the site's custom cookies and also third-party cookies. 

The site's custom cookies


Used to store the visitors settings regarding cookies. The cookie is set when the user chooses to save their settings.


Used to protect the user and the web site against attack. Disappears when you close your browser.


A session cookie used for the site's operation. The cookies do not store any personal information about the visitor and may not be used to track your visits to other websites. Disappears when you close your browser.

Visit statistics

We use visit statistics to enhance the site for visitors. The tool used to collect visit statistics is called Siteimprove.

The analytics sets cookies are 


The cookie contains a random generated user-id that not includes any personal data. The user-id is used to collect statistic for how specifik users use


The cookie sz-feedback-should-hide is used to ensure that users who choose to deny any feedback request are not asked again.

Movies with YouTube

The site presents movies on the YouTube website. YouTube is owned by Google. Information about what cookies they use is found here:

How Google uses cookies Opens in a new window 

Types of cookies used by Google Opens in a new window.

You can turn off cookies

If you don't want your computer to accept cookies, you can manually disable this option in your browser. You can also delete previously stored cookies. How this is done varies between different types of browsers.

You can typically find this information under the Help menu in your browser. Alternatively you can contact your computer or software vendor.