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When wind power is planned

Here is information on what you need to consider regarding connection of wind power.

This information is intended for regional planners. See also information about connecting to the national grid, such as wind power.

Safety distance

In order to maintain good flight safety during inspections, the Swedish Transport Agency's recommendations must be followed. This means that wind turbines and masts with braces with a total height of less than 50 metres should be placed at least 100 metres away from power lines. Wind turbines and masts with braces with a total height of more than 50 metres shall be placed not less than 200 metres from a power line. The distance is calculated based on the power plant rotor's periphery. For works with a rotor diameter of 100 meters or more the distance between the tower and the line shall be greater than 250 metres.

Technical requirements

All wind turbines and wind farms with capacity over 1.5 MW are covered by regulation SvKFS 2005:2 (link to the page "Föreskrifter" in Swedish). SvKFS 2005:2 is about regulations and general advice on operational security in technical design of production facilities.

See also our technical guidelines. Please contact if you are wondering what technical guidelines that apply to you.

Svenska kraftnät has produced a guiding document for connection to the grid. This can be downloaded on our webpage "Connecting to the grid".

Notification-liable under the electrical preparedness legislation?

New production facilities may be liable to submit a notification under the law on electrical preparedness. Our regulation SvKFS 2013:2 lists the facilities covered by the notification requirement. You will find the regulation and forms for notification on the page Regelverk (in Swedish only).