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Report fraud and corruption

Svenska kraftnät strives for maximum transparency, honesty and responsibility. In line with this position, we encourage employees, customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders who discover or suspect serious irregularities and corruption relating to our business, to report it.

In the first instance, suspected irregularities and corruption should be reported through regular internal channels, for example through the General Counsel or immediate supervisor. If this cannot be done, you can file a report by sending us a letter.

Please note! Before you send a report, it is important that you read the information below.

What can be reported?

The report function is meant for reporting serious irregularities, corruption or maladministration in a workplace or in an organisation such as:

  • economic crime such as bribery or forgery
  • corrupt behaviour such as abuse of position
  • major deficiencies in workplace safety
  • serious forms of discrimination and harassment
  • serious irregularities concerning the vital interests of the organisation

Please describe your case carefully so that we have a basis to proceed with an investigation. The reporting function is not meant for reporting general dissatisfaction and complaints.

How your report is handled

  1. All cases received are handled promptly.
  2. The case is handled by a specially appointed working group that takes care of whistle-blowing matters.
  3. The working group will make an initial assessment whether the complaint shall be investigated further or not.
  4. If you, the reporter, have submitted contact information, you will be notified if your report has led to further investigation or not.

Do you want to be anonymous?

When you make a report, it helps the investigation if we can get in touch with you. Therefore, we encourage you to submit your phone number or email address in your report. Of course it is optional to provide personal information.

By the principle of free access to public records, others may request right to the information that you provide to Svenska kraftnät, unless the information is confidential. Therefore, do not leave personal information in your registration if you wish to remain anonymous.

Learn more about how personal data is processed in the document "Information on the processing of personal data and the Personal Data Officer" (PDF, 200 kb, new window). (.pdf) Opens in a new window

Postal address for reporting irregularities and corruption

Svenska kraftnät
P.O. Box 1200
172 24 Sundbyberg