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Protective Security

Protective security is the effort to prevent espionage, sabotage, terrorism and other crimes against national security.

Protective security is regulated in the Protective Security Act (2018:585) and the Protective Security Regulation (2018:658). Protective Security is maintained through the measures of information/IT security, physical security and security screening.

The role and responsibilities of Svenska kraftnät

Svenska kraftnät is the agency that provides regulations and guidelines concerning protective security for actors within the sector for electricity supply. We also conduct inspections and security screenings.

The responsibilities of the actors within the sector for electricity supply

The actors within the electricity supply are obliged to follow the Protective Security act and the regulations issued by Svenska kraftnät and take preventive measures to protect their operations. These measures include:

  • conducting a security protection analysis in order to identify what is to be protected, against what threats and describe how to protect it.
  • assuring that security screenings are performed before hiring individuals who will be acquainted with classified information and/or be granted access to operations concerning national security or participating in operations that require protection against terrorism,
  • prevent the exposure of information regarding national security, and
  • limit the access by ineligible individuals to operations that require protection against terrorism or operations that are critical to national security.