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Svenska kraftnät continuously procures a range of goods, services and contractors. The purchases may for example involve maintenance of the grid, new construction, consultants and IT projects.

Procurement is conducted according to the Law on Procurement in the areas of water, energy, transports and postal services (LUF).

Our procurement plan

Suppliers must be qualified

Pursuant to Section 14. LUF Svenska kraftnät uses the qualification system Utilities NCE (Achilles Utilities Nordics & Central Europe, the pre-qualification system used by the energy sector in Northern and Central Europe) to qualify suppliers for procurement in various categories of goods, services and construction contractors.

Only suppliers who have been qualified via Utilities NCE are invited to submit tenders in the procurements made through the qualification system. Only occasionally procurements are advertised. For these advertisements and for the bidding process we use e-Avrop, which is a system for procurement online.

This is how qualification works

Qualification for Utilities NCE involves an assessment of the supplier's relationships, technical ability and capacity as well as financial status.

For some categories, the supplier must meet specific requirements in areas such as experience with similar projects, sustainability and work environment. Other requirements may apply.

See the Utilities NCE website Opens in a new window for more information on how to register your business in Utilities NCE. A normal qualification process for a newly registered supplier will take up to four weeks from order to qualification. There is an annual administrative fee for being registered.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about procurement in general, please contact our registry: Telephone: +46 10 - 475 83 30, E-mail: