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Personal data and the principle of public access

Processing of personal data on the website.

Personal data is information that can be connected to you as a person in one way or another. Examples of personal data are your name, personal ID number, telephone number, ZIP code and e-mail address. In accordance with The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, there are rules on how personal data may be processed.

Svenska kraftnät protects the personal integrity of individuals. We are the controller of the personal data we receive when we provide you with services on

Purpose, legal basis and storage period

When you send us your personal data via a form on this website, Svenska kraftnät stores your personal data in order to be able to contact you and carry out our government mandate. Svenska kraftnät collects your personal data when you via the external website choose to:

  • subscribe to information
  • report irregularities
  • contact us to ask questions and/or to comment on our projects
  • register for system support
  • register for events distributed by Svenska kraftnät
  • use the service Deaddrop to send files securely.

Listed below are purpose, legal basis for processing and storage period. You are not obligated to provide us with your personal data but without it we cannot offer you the services listed above.

Purpose for processing Legal basis Storage period
Provide the user with the opportunity to subscribe to information about open positions, press, news, projects, systems Consent Stored
Provide the user with the opportunity to report irregularities via the whistle-blower function Consent Stored
Provide the user with the opportunity to register for events Consent 1 year

Allow users to apply for e.g. connecting to the national grid or to deliver Reserves.

Consent Stored
Provide the user with the opportunity to comment on and ask questions about projects Consent Stored
Provide the user with the opportunity to share files securely Consent Stored

Recipient of personal data

As data controller Svenska kraftnät may transfer or share your data with selected third parties according to below:

  • when subscribing to press releases the data is stored with Cision
  • when subscribing to open positions the data is stored with Reachmee.

Recipient of personal data and data processors

As data controller Svenska kraftnät may mandate suppliers to perform above specified processing. The third party is then commissioned to execute the processing for Svenska kraftnät, as data processor. Such processing will only occur for the purposes specified here. Svenska kraftnät applies data processor agreements with all data processors.

Your rights as registered user

You have the right to:

  • ask for information about the personal data we process about you and ask for a copy of these (register extract)
  • have incorrect personal data corrected and in some cases ask us to delete your personal data
  • object to processing of certain personal data about you and ask to limit the processing of your personal data
  • ask for personal data you have sent to Svenska kraftnät to be transferred to another data controller (the right to data portability).

For claiming your rights please find contact information below. Please note that limiting or deleting your personal data may mean that Svenska kraftnät will not be able to provide you with the services described here.


If you are discontented with how we process your personal data you can submit a report to the data protection authority.

Contact information

For questions on how we process your personal data we ask you to contact:

Svenska kraftnät, Box 1200, 172 24 Sundbyberg, Sweden
Phone: +46 10 475 80 00
Data protection officer: Fredrik Lenander

The principle of public access

Any information submitted to an authority is treated in accordance with the principle of public access. This means that anyone may request to access the information you provide to Svenska kraftnät unless it is confidential.