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Active Product Selection

You have a suggestion for a chemical. How do you proceed?

Process active product selection

Is the chemical exempt from classification A-D?

  • Yes – then it is OK to use.
  • No – apply for classification in Chemsoft

Find out if the chemical require label elements, see safety data sheet article 2.2 Label elements.  If label elements not is required, it is exempt from classification A-D (and exempt to be reviewed in Chemsoft).

Also, find out if the chemical is exempt classification A-D for other reasons, e.g. Environmental class 1 fuels and hygiene products for personal use. More about exempt chemicals.

Is the chemical already classified A-D?

Find it out in;

BASTA/BETA register Opens in a new window

Swedish Transport Administration’s Chemsoft Opens in a new window 

Svenska kraftnät’s Chemsoft (.aspx) Download

  • Yes as Class A or B (includes BASTA and BETA); compare version dates of your SDS with the SDS being reviewed. If they’re not the same you need to apply for a new review. If they matches, the chemical is approved for use. 
  • Yew as Class C or D. Search alternative products in Class A or B. See Special conditions. Class C and D chemicals require an application for each new application of use. See Special conditions.
  • No – apply for a review in Chemsoft

Which one should I choose?

Chemicals exempt labelling or exempt for other reasons are first choice. The order of priority is A-D where A stands for first choice, B for risk reduction, C for phasing-out and D for prohibited.

Mora about classification and criteria.