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Is your company interested in renting fibre optics? Svenska kraftnät has a nationwide telecommunications network based on optical fibre. The network is found in the power lines of the national grid, ranging from Malmö to Gällivare. Thanks to the fibre network, we can operate, control and monitor the power lines. We rent out spare capacity in the fibre optic network.

Svenska kraftnät mostly rent out dark fibre, which means that the client connects active terminal equipment to the optic fibres. The optic fibre network is open to all customers on equal terms.

Our customers are mostly utilities and major national, regional or local telephone companies. To a smaller degree we also rent out capacity to network owners in the energy industry, who usually want to be able to monitor and control their electricity grids.

Separated telecommunications network means less interference

Our networks are completely separated from other networks. This means that our telephone traffic is not affected by disruption of the public telecommunications networks. It has also been shown that fibre optic networks that are located on power lines have fewer interruptions than, for example, buried fibre optic.

Contact us for more information

Please contact Izabelle Alteskog on telephone +4610-475 84 61 or, if you are interested in renting optic fibre or if you have any questions.

More information is also available on the Triangelbolaget website Opens in a new window. Triangelbolaget is a separate company that operates the large fibre optic triangle that connects the cities Stockholm - Oslo - Göteborg - Malmo - Copenhagen - Stockholm. The company is owned equally by Svenska kraftnät and the three companies Vattenfall, Fortum Distribution and Tele2.