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Dialogue with the authorities and the consultation process is an important part when we plan a new electricity connection, so that you who are affected by our plans to expand the national grid can make your views heard. For us, it is valuable to have a strong basis for choosing a route with the overall least impact on residents and the environment.

On the basis of grid analyses, socio-economic calculations, preliminary technical studies and other assessments, Svenska kraftnät makes a decision that a new power line will strengthen the national grid between two points.

Then begins the extensive work of identifying the route with the least overall impact on the surroundings. This work is done in several stages, in dialogue with affected parties and on the basis of weighing up a number of different values and interests.

Dialogue with the authorities about several potential corridors

Firstly, we carry out an accessibility study to identify possible corridors, wider areas in which the new line could be located. Then we conduct investigations and mappings of values such as living environments, natural and cultural values, suitability for development and socio-economic values that are decisive for the choice of route for the line.

At this stage, Svenska kraftnät engages in dialogue with affected municipalities, county administrative boards and other stakeholders who may have decisive interests, such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Military.

Consultation on route proposal

When Svenska kraftnät has worked out a suitable route proposal, this is presented together with underlying investigations and assessments in a consultation document. The consultation document is sent to affected property owners, local residents and other stakeholders, and is also made available to the general public. Then begins a consultation where those wishing to submit information that may be of value for the choice of the final routing of the line have the opportunity to do so.

When the consultation period is over, the statements received are compiled in a consultation report in which Svenska kraftnät also responds to the statements and answers frequently asked questions. Together with the previously identified values and dialogue with the authorities, the statements received form the decision basis for the choice of a suitable route with as little overall impact on the surroundings.

We apply to the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate for permission to construct national grid lines

A concession application for the chosen route and the technical execution is then submitted to the Energy Markets Inspectorate (Ei), which handles the case and decides whether Svenska kraftnät will be granted permission to construct the line as proposed.

The concession application is accompanied by an environmental impact assessment in which the anticipated environmental impact, and the measures to be taken to reduce the impact, are described.

During the Energy Markets Inspectorate's processing of the case, it is out for statements to affected parties. If an appeal is lodged against the Energy Markets Inspectorate's decision, the case is decided by the government.