Research and Development

We conduct and support research projects to manage critical challenges to the national electricity grid, dam safety and possible risks in the power system.

Most of our research is conducted in the development businesses Energiforsk and STRI where Svenska kraftnät is a partner. We also support research projects, doctoral student projects and theses at the technical universities around Sweden. The total budget for research and development is SEK 30 million for 2021.

Many new projects right now

Our research and development plan covers the period 2015–2017. It contains all of our current and planned projects. The projects are divided into ten areas of research:

  • system utilization and operational security
  • system impact of large-scale renewable electricity production
  • the environment
  • information and operating systems
  • maintenance
  • dam security and electricity contingency planning
  • the electricity market
  • technology for stations and lines
  • talent management
  • other ventures.

Our research and development plan is only available in Swedish, but below we present some of the research going on right now.

Nordic study on connecting wind power to the electricity grids

Many new wind turbines and other kinds of weather-dependent production are now being connected to the grid. This will have a major impact on the entire Nordic region's electrical system. The most important thing for us is to find smart solutions in order to keep the electricity balance, even when the electricity production is irregular during the day and cannot be stored.

The same goes for Svenska kraftnät's counterparts in the Nordic region. The topic is being discussed in a Nordic study in which we participate. It aims to increase the knowledge of how wind power affects the power system at the Nordic level, and to see what needs to be done to cope with future challenges. A similar study has already been done for Sweden alone.

Pylon foundations

We use the impregnating agent creosote in some of the foundations of the pylons as they must last at least 50 years. The method has been used for many years and is used by all electricity companies. As the use rises concerns about the substance, Svenska kraftnät is therefore continuisly working to find alternatives to creosote. Where applicable, we use steel and concrete foundations today.

A European highway for electricity

E-Highway 2050 is an EU-funded research and development project that aims to create a European electricity grid, with a focus on the period of 2020 to 2050. The project will run until 2016 and Svenska kraftnät is participating via the European grid organization ENTSO-E.

Smart grids

Svenska kraftnät is also actively involved in research and development in the field of smart grids. Smart grid is a broad term that encompasses everything from power electronics and new technology in the national grid, to information technology and the ability to control electricity consumption. Read more on the website of the Swedish Coordination Council for Smart Grid (new window).