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Construction work

When permits are complete

When we have received the concession and other permits needed for a new line we sign agreements with property owners on land lease. A land lease agreement regulates, among other things, precisely where the line should go and what compensation the property owner receives.

Read more about compensation and land lease agreements.

Information before line construction starts

Before we start construction, we have an information meeting for the affected property owners. Here we describe how the work is to be performed and present the contractors who will build the line. During construction we leave regular information to property owners. We do this through newsletters, letters, the website or information meetings. Throughout the construction period, there are one or more contacts that you can turn to with questions or comments.

The construction of a line takes two or three years

It takes five to ten years from the planning stage until a new line is completed. The actual construction time varies depending on the line length, if it goes through sensitive areas and how many property owners are affected, but often it takes about two or three years to build a new line.

Compensation in the event of damage

We compensate for damage that may occur on the property during construction.

Read more about compensation for damage.