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Information on different ancillary services

Svenska kraftnät must have access to different reserves and ancillary services in order to balance and manage disturbances in the power system. This is mainly done by procuring different types of ancillary services from participants on the electricity market.

Overview of the requirements for reserves

Updated May 2nd, 2024

Overview of the requirements for reserves (.pdf) Opens in a new window

* Actual plan for procurement is lower than the volume requirement since FCR-D downward is a new product that was introduced in January 2022. The procurement plan is updated quarterly. More information is available in Swedish.

** A cleared bid on the capacity market implies a commitment to submit a bid on the energy market.

More detailed information on the requirements is available in Swedish in the BSP agreement and associated regulatory documents

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Ancillary services

Current demand for ancillary services (in Swedish) Procurement and pricing of ancillary services