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Community planning

If you are planning measures in the vicinity of the national electricity grid, please consult us. It is important to protect our facilities and, above all, to avoid damage to people and property. Svenska kraftnät should also be consulted in our role as authority for electricity preparedness and in matters concerning dam safety.

What are Svenska kraftnät's responsibilities?

Svenska kraftnät has several responsibilities. The following three areas may be affected by regional planning:

We are responsible for maintenance and development of the national grid for electricity (substations, as well as overhead lines and ground cables with the highest voltage levels in the country: 220 and 400 kV).We are acting as the national dam safety authority.We are the authority for electrical preparedness.

When should we be consulted?

Examples of activities that might affect us are:

  • master plans,
  • local plans,
  • prior notification and building permits,
  • concession for electricity grids,
  • wind power stations/wind farms,
  • roads and railways (new and reinforcement of existing),
  • water protection areas,
  • stormwater facilities and wild waters,
  • habitat protection,
  • nature reserves,
  • quarry operations,
  • putting up lighting/lighting poles,
  • hardening of surfaces,
  • bike lanes and more,
  • as well asdam safety measures – find out more on our pages about dam safety.

Please note that we should be consulted even in non-permission liable building cases, such as the construction of garden sheds ("friggebodar"), mobile homes ("attefallshus") and barns, if these are planned in the vicinity of our facilities.

What does "in the vicinity" of our facilities mean?

If activities are planned close to our facilities, we want to participate in consultation. But what is close/in the vicinity? As a rule of thumb, we want to be heard on measures envisaged within 250 metres from our facilities.

When should we be consulted?

In our role as authority for electrical preparedness, Svenska kraftnät should be consulted when, for example, major new production facilities are planned.

Production plants and power plants may be liable to notification under the electrical preparedness legislation. Our regulation SvKFS 2013:2 lists which plants are liable to notification requirement. You will find the regulation and forms for notification on the page "Regelverk" (in Swedish only).

Building plants in or near water areas may require a permit under the environmental code. Before the land and environment court can grant such permission, the envisaged activity may need to be reviewed in accordance with the electrical preparedness act. Our regulation SvKFS 2013:2 indicates which establishments are included. You will find the regulation and forms for application under Regelverk (in Swedish only).

How is consultation and referral conducted?

Consultation and referrals to Svenska kraftnät should be sent to The dossier shall contain full description of the activities and clear maps. Our consultation time is around one month.

Please note that in the case of Svenska kraftnät's subsidiary Svenska kraftnät Gas turbines LTD, the consultation is to be sent directly to the subsidiary. Contact information for Svenska kraftnät Gas turbines.