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If we construct a power line on a property, the property owner has the right to compensation. Compensation is regulated by the expropriation law plus supplementary standards and principles. The law means that a property owner must have the same economic status after the construction of the power line as before.

In conjunction with the construction of a power line, they receive a one-time compensation consisting mainly of compensation for intrusion and compensation for forest that has to be felled. An offer of compensation is presented together with the land concession agreement, on the valuation based on Lantmäteriet's standards and principles.

Compensation for intrusion

Compensation for intrusion means that the land areas claimed are compensated for on the basis of Lantmäteriet's current recommendations. For compensation of fields and pastures, the 1974 land use regulation* applies, and for compensation of forest, the 2018 forest regulation applies.

The forest regulation takes account of land value and premature felling, plus storm and drought damage.  A property owner can choose to fell the forest him/herself or sell it to us as standing timber. In the offer of compensation, we add a supplement of 25 percent on the compensation for intrusion and on the value of any purchase of standing timber. The compensation for purchase of standing timber and felling rights is equivalent to the levels current at times of economic prosperity.

* Lantmäteriet is currently updating the land use regulation. Until there is an updated land use regulation, we are using the agreement between Swedenergy and the Federation of Swedish Farmers for the calculation of land use standards.

Read more about valuation in the case of intrusion into forest on Lantmäteriet's website. Opens in a new window

Read more about valuation in the case of intrusion into arable land on Lantmäteriet's website. Opens in a new window

Voluntary compensation

If a property owner signs a land concession agreement, a voluntary compensation is also paid. The voluntary compensation is 10 percent of a price base amount plus 20 percent of the compensation for intrusion (but no more than 20 percent of the price base amount). When signing the compensation offer, the voluntary compensation amounts to 20 percent of the compensation for intrusion.

Company or environmental damage

When we construct power lines compensation may also be paid if the power line reduces the market value of the property. This is called company damage if the power line runs through a property and environmental damage if the power line runs outside a property. The property is inspected both before and after the construction of the power line. Then an independent assessor makes an estimate of the reduction in market value, and we pay compensation equivalent to the loss of value if the loss of value exceeds 5 percent.

If someone is directly affected by the line (company damage) and thinks the compensation is incorrect, they can appeal to Lantmäteriet. If the power line runs outside a property (environmental damage) they need to bring an action in the land and environmental court for the question of compensation to be examined.

Sometimes the land is damaged during construction work

We try to be as careful as possible when we construct, but sometimes damage nevertheless arises. Contact us if you are dissatisfied with how the work has been carried out. We will then agree on a compensation calculated on the basis of how extensive the damage is. Our contractors are responsible for rectifying the damage, either while construction is in progress or when the work is finished.

Acquisition of property

Around power lines there are magnetic fields. If a property is in an area where people permanently reside within a distance where the magnetic field values will be too high as determined by our magnetic field policy, we will offer to purchase the property or part of the property. Properties where people permanently reside are mainly dwellings (permanent dwellings) but may also be workplaces for full-time work and similar operations.

When property is acquired as a result of a new power line, an independent assessor is engaged to carry out a market valuation. The compensation we offer in this case is the market value plus a supplement of 25 percent. If you, as an affected property owner, think the valuation is incorrect, we can pay for a further valuation by an assessor whom you propose and we approve.

Cost of representation Payment of compensation and declaration